Towards Zero Energy Architecture: New Solar Design By
Mary Guzowski

Towards Zero Energy opens a window on new ideas and developments of solar building concepts and seeks to endorse a clear vision for embracing the ideas inherent to zero-energy and carbon neutral architecture for the future.

Kingspan Lighthouse, UK.

Written by an associate professor of architecture at the University of Minnesota, this book offers a good level of detail for design professionals who are interested in learning more about the challenges of seeking to mitigate the effects of global warming and create a sustainable future.  However, the well written and clearly structured layout makes this a book accessible to all interested in the subject.

Tsunghua University, China

The book has five chapters looking at different concepts that should be considered as part of the design process.  Each chapter includes two case studies to illustrate the themes discussed.

Solarsiedlung, Germany

Each case study discusses: the design intentions; the local climate and site; day-lighting and thermal design; energy systems; lessons to be learned for the next-generation.  They conclude with clear plan and sectional drawings, graphics to illustrate wind, sun-path and local climate studies.  The case studies range in scale and scope from the sustainable house offered by the Kingspan Lighthouse in the UK to larger projects such as the laboratory and research centre at Tsinghua University, China.

Lake Bennett, Australia

In conclusion this is a carefully written, well planned and illustrated book which takes us on a thoughtful journey through the concepts necessary to inspire change in responding to the environmental challenges ahead.

Horsholm, Denmark

Published by Laurence King Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-78067-026-3

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