The Future Is Here:
A New Industrial Revolution

A new exhibition at the Design Museum seeks to demonstrate that the boundaries between designer, maker and consumer are disappearing. Collaboration with the Technology Strategy Board delivers a major new exhibition about the sweeping changes in manufacturing that are transforming our world. ‘Future is Here’ shows that how we manufacture, fund and distribute will revolutionise the role of the consumer.


A visit will reveal how the new industrial revolution has the potential to radically alter our attitudes to the pace of change, what exactly drives innovation and how it can lead to increased productivity and economic growth.


Developing technologies, social networks and crowd funding are removing the barriers to accessing manufacturing. Mass customisation is a central story, for example, trainer manufacturers offering personalised shoes on a global scale.


It is the role of designers and the design process to participate in exciting new technologies, so that more people than ever before can take part in the production of our physical world. Could small companies, or even individuals, begin making objects that were previously only viable, either technologically, or economically, through mass manufacture?

Some of the exhibition highlights include:

The Future is Here Factory:
A small workshop area dedicated to digital fabricating projects.

Action dolls designed by the consumer, who chooses the eyes, nose, jaw, smile, the hair, the clothes and the hands and feet.


Crowd-sourced sofa:
Design Museum and invited the public to design and vote for a new piece of furniture. The most popular piece, chosen through the use of crowdsourcing/ peer-production and social networks, will go into production.

Biodegradable shoes:
The process of manufacturing Puma shoes made from materials that are durable yet compostable, breaking down into their original building blocks.

Opening: 10.00 -17.45 daily. Last admission: 17.15
Admissions: £11.75 Adults, £10.70 Concessions, £7.50 Students, under 12s Free
Tel: 020 7940 8790