Eco Bag Art Workshop At
Designersblock, Southbank Centre

As part of London Design Week 2013, we were invited to participate in a series of workshops with Designersblock at the Southbank Centre. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity.


Our chosen theme was Eco Bag Art. By providing blank canvas bags and plenty of assorted art materials, we offered those taking part the chance to get creative and make a personalised bag, which they could take away and use again and again.

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New Designers 2013
Week 2 Part 1

All in all 18,265 visitors went along to New Designers 2013, making this year’s shows the busiest in its 28 year history. Having recently featured New Designer Week 1 we now turn our attentions to New Designers Week 2 for more wonderfully talented, newly qualified sustainable designers. The Week 2 show featured:

  • Furniture & Product Design
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Spatial Design (inc. Architecture & Interior Design)
  • Motion Arts
  • One Year On


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Trash Aesthetics By KraalD

Katarina Dimitrijevic, a graduate of Goldsmiths College London, is exploring recycling and up-cycling design strategies to promote design activism around waste. Through her company, KraalD, she’s striving to initiate debate by engaging people in ‘trash-aesthetics’, through design, craft making and workshops.

KraalD Katarina Dimitrijevic sustainable design

Her point is that, no matter what we do or don’t do, we are all co-creating our future together. We want more, but, considering sustainability, we must consume less. Put simply, Katarina thinks we should reconsider the things we throw away. For instance, discarded plastic doesn’t degrade; instead, besides killing wildlife, it becomes smaller and smaller, and eventually microscopic, when it can enter the food chain.

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Day 2:
The Responsible Business Summit

Ethical Corporation’s annual Responsible Business Summit London, May 7-8, brought together global experts to share their experience and discuss the latest sustainability challenges faced in 2013. Here’s more from that great gathering – the highlights from the sessions we joined on Day 2:


In this session we learned how companies are driving sustainability into product design.

Kimberly Clark Tom Berry

Kimberly-Clark Tom Berry – Head of Sustainability, EMEA

Kimberly-Clark make health and hygiene products, such as Kleenex, Andrex and Huggies. They operate in around 175 countries, so they have a big footprint. They essentially use wood fibre and oil to make products and, in their production, use a lot of energy and water. Also many of their products are disposable, so there’s a lot of waste associated with them.


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