The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has been named as the thirteenth architect of the temporary Pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery. At 41 he is also the youngest to accept this prestigious invitation to design what is seen as one of the most anticipated structures in the cultural calendar.

Sou Fujimoto  © David Vintiner

Sou Fujimoto © David Vintiner

Fujimoto is one of an increasing number of architects who, inspired by our interaction with the built environment, connect nature with the man-made to create a unique meeting of the two.

The Pavilion in front of the Serpentine Gallery will be formed using a latticed structure of 20mm steel poles and will have a lightweight appearance. The delicate quality of the structure, enhanced by its semi-transparency, will create a geometric, cloud-like form, as if it were mist rising from the undulations of the park. From certain vantage points the Pavilion will appear to merge with the classical structure of the Gallery, with visitors suspended in space.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013  Designed by Sou Fujimoto  Exterior Indicative CGI  © Sou Fujimoto Architects

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 designed by Sou Fujimoto
Exterior Indicative CGI © Sou Fujimoto Architects

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