New Designers 2013
Week 2 Part 1

All in all 18,265 visitors went along to New Designers 2013, making this year’s shows the busiest in its 28 year history. Having recently featured New Designer Week 1 we now turn our attentions to New Designers Week 2 for more wonderfully talented, newly qualified sustainable designers. The Week 2 show featured:

  • Furniture & Product Design
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Spatial Design (inc. Architecture & Interior Design)
  • Motion Arts
  • One Year On


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Design Plays A Role
In Alaskan Research

Campsite on the glacier.

Masters student Austin Hanslip is promoting a new breed of designer. He’s arguing for it to be standard practice for designers to take supportive roles with scientists, at the forefront of critical issues. This intrepid designer, from the University of Brighton, collaborated with 50 climate change research scientists in Alaska.

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A Car For The Developing World

Earlier this year we met Coventry University graduate Kushal Chavda, at the New Designers Show, London. He was exhibiting his prototype for a safari car, called “Kujenga”, meaning “to build” in Swahili.

The purpose of his project was to design a buggy that could be made in the developing world, using local skills and whatever materials they have to hand, such as bamboo, coconut rope, canvas, handwoven textiles and recycled plastic.

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That’s A Corker!

There’s a buzz around now about cork. Some of you may remember it from the 1970s; those infamous cork tiles, the office corkboard, those fabulously chunky cork wedges…

Photo: Original vintage 1970s cork wedges, via dead-rare-records, Ebay

…With today’s technology, cork is back and is being reinvented and reconfigured into incredibly diverse and creative designs – such as this handsome sculpted sink and positively plush bird house.

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Joanna Taylor On The Value Of Ethical Jewellery

You may remember, we featured Joanna Taylor in our New Designers article in July. As a jewellery designer-maker Joanna established Tootsievalentine® Ethical Jewellery in 2007 and now, after achieving a First Class BA (hons) in Jewellery, she’s set up practice in a shared workshop in Buckinghamshire. We were keen to find out how she’s getting on since her debut at the New Designers show and wanted to find out more about the sustainable way in which she works…and what ethical jewellery actually means.

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Life After Death

Dundee University graduate and product designer Andrew Tibbles believes we can all do our bit for the environment, even when we’re dead. For his final degree project, Andrew designed the Aquatic Grave, a new form of eco-burial.

With traditional burial spaces exhausted, following years of unsustainable practices, it’s predicted that there will be a burial crisis in the not too distant future. Over time we’ve inherited countless full graveyards and cemeteries, many of which are neglected and overgrown. Cremation used to be presented as the environmentally friendly option, but more recently there have been increasing concerns about pollutants being released into the atmosphere.

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How Do You Teach Children About Embedded Carbon Emissions?

Chloe Meineck, a 3D designer and recent graduate from Brighton University, is interested in undertaking challenging topical issues. She works through educational groups and workshops and believes if things are physical and interactive, facts and figures are easier to understand.

One such challenge that Chloe recently took on was how to teach children about embedded carbon emissions? There’s a disconnect between the presentation of endless data, numbers and statistics and the effect that these will have on the environment.

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More New Designers…


We had the enviable task of meeting as many of the exhibitors as possible during our visit to New Designers Part 2.  With so much talent and overwhelming enthusiasm from the designers it made it a jam-packed and exhilarating couple of days.

Having had an initial whizz round, so we didn’t miss anything, we went back to delve a little deeper and meet the exhibitors who stood out as having original sustainable solutions.

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Designsonearth Visit
New Designers


Held at The Business Design Centre, Islington, London, and now in its 27th year, the New Designers Show has 3,500 graduating designers from 200 colleges presenting their creative output. This show is seen as an important showcase for the UK’s most talented new designers to demonstrate their best work to prospective employers, buyers and studios. New Designers is an essential resource for all who attend and an invaluable springboard for all who exhibit.

We love the show and so last week set off to search out and meet the designers with a sustainable backstory to their designs – we found a number of terrific examples.

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