More From The SustainRCA Show 2013

The SustainRCA Show & Awards is a celebration of sustainable design thinking at the Royal College of Art, London. See our previous article for the winners of the Awards… read on for the work of more students selected from programmes across the College – spanning four categories: Moving Minds, Solutions for Society, Inspired Products and Visionary Process.



Diana is focused on looking at waste as a resource, to empower small businesses and communities. The idea is to create an alternative service for waste collection in order to fuel a series of local waste labs, which would transform waste into functional products for public use. Local waste, local collection, local process, for local use.

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The Sustainable Angle’s
Future Fabrics Expo 2013
At Fashion SVP


Last month saw the Sustainable Angle hold their 3rd annual showcase of Future Fabrics Expo. The event was part of Fashion SVP’s sourcing event at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, London.

sustainable-angle-future-fabrics fsvp-logo-sm

Future Fabrics Expo showcases commercially viable fabrics sourced from suppliers using sustainable principles, who are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the current textile supply chain.

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Short Circuit: Gaia Reports On
The True Cost Of Our Gadgets

The Houses of Parliament was a fitting venue for the launch of a new report called Short Circuit, which looks at the current lifecycle of our electronic gadgets and the true cost to the earth. It was released by The Gaia Foundation and allies; African Biodiversity Network; London Mining Network; Mining Watch Canada; OCMAL; Oilwatch Africa PIPLinks & Climate Revolution; and was supported by the EC.

The Gaia Foundation 'Illustration by Roanna Rahman

The Gaia Foundation
Illustration by Roanna Rahman

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Designs Of The Year 2013
At The Design Museum


The much-anticipated Designs of the Year 2013 exhibition is open, showcasing the most innovative and imaginative designs from around the world. The Design Museum invited a selection of trusted friends and colleagues to nominate their favourite projects from the past 12 months. These are practicing architects and designers, academics and design tutors, journalists and writers, plus curators from other museums and institutions.


Designs of the Year creates a platform and an opportunity for young designers to be recognised and displayed alongside established design names. Previous winners such as the Folding Plug and the Plumen light bulb have seen prototypes and original ideas become mass manufactured consumer goods sold throughout the world.

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What Has Nature
Ever Done For Us?

It’s been estimated that nature is worth as much as $100 trillion annually to the global economy. Yet we take most of Nature’s services for granted, imagining them to be free and limitless.


Tony Juniper used to run Friends of the Earth. Now he’s written a book, titled What Has Nature Ever Done For Us? with the aim of changing the way we think about life, nature and the economy. On Jan 10 we went to one of the RSA’s Lunchtime Events to hear him speak, in conversation with Jo Confino.


The point that Tony gets across in his book is that we’ve lost sight of the dependence we have on nature in economic terms, and that we’re ‘blowing natural capital’ in a way that doesn’t make sense for our long-term welfare. He argues that the global economy is underpinned by natural resources and, rather than ruthlessly exploiting them, we should find a way of putting a proper value on them. Nature does so much for us – and it will keep doing this – but we need to take steps to make sure that it happens.

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The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold: Crowdfunding to Make a Difference

UPDATE: The funds for this film-making project have been raised!

Documentary journalist Leah Borromeo is raising funds to make a film, Dirty White Gold, about fashion and its real victims. She’s on a mission – she wants to make ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry the norm, not the exception, by making the supply chain transparent.  And she’s on a journey to find out how to make this happen.

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Nesta Launches
“Our Frugal Future” & Asks
What Can We Learn From India?

Nesta is an independent charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. Following the launch of a report ‘Our Frugal Future: Lessons From India’s Innovation System’, in July 2012, they held a half day workshop to bring together leading thinkers on innovation in India, asking whether there are implications for other countries, including the UK.

At this meeting, Professor Jaideep Prabhu, (Director of the Centre for India & Global Business at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and author of Jugaad Innovation), talked about the opportunities surrounding the Indian innovation system.

Jaideep Prabhu, Balram Bhargava and Geoff Mulgan

Over the past few years Jaideep has been tasked with looking at India’s role in the global economy. Innovation has increasingly become a topic of importance in India and he set out to learn from the experiences of other countries. In doing so he recognised that India is very good at cutting costs in innovation and is extremely flexible in its approach, compared to the more formal approaches of the West.

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Earth Is Our Business:
Changing The Rules Of The Game
By Polly Higgins

Reviewed by Sally Sellwood

Many anticipate that we are heading for an environmental disaster – but is there anything that we can do? Is it too late? According to Polly Higgins, the answer to those simple but enormous questions is, respectively that yes there is and no, it is not, but the global response must be massive and all encompassing, sweeping through the international community, and placing the Earth, rather than business and financial interests, at the centre of the global economy.

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