The Sustainable Angle’s
Future Fabrics Expo 2013
At Fashion SVP


Last month saw the Sustainable Angle hold their 3rd annual showcase of Future Fabrics Expo. The event was part of Fashion SVP’s sourcing event at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, London.

sustainable-angle-future-fabrics fsvp-logo-sm

Future Fabrics Expo showcases commercially viable fabrics sourced from suppliers using sustainable principles, who are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the current textile supply chain.

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I Dress Myself
The Eco-Friendly Screenprinters


An increase in ethical engagement within consumer behaviour has led to more and more businesses choosing to cater for a growing eco market. Many clients are seeking out eco-printing to ensure their products are as sustainable as possible and this niche market may be set to grow.


There are many elements to consider when working towards a sustainable production system for any design area. For the screen-printing process, there are several companies working to ensure their businesses offer great value, service and products, whilst also limiting their impact on the planet. I Dress Myself, based in Frome, is one leading example of how an eco screen printing business can be run.

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Future Fabrics Expo 2012

Written by Charlotte Turner
Event photos courtesy of The Sustainable Angle

The second Future Fabrics Expo, organised by The Sustainable Angle, was hosted on November 7-9 at the London College of Fashion. It provided an impressive physical showcase of roughly 650 fashion fabrics with a reduced environmental impact. Displays featured biodiversity, water, waste and energy impacts and benefits, as well as interactive information and videos.

The Sustainable Angle is a not for profit organisation which initiates and supports projects which contribute to minimising the environmental impact of industry and society.

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A Car For The Developing World

Earlier this year we met Coventry University graduate Kushal Chavda, at the New Designers Show, London. He was exhibiting his prototype for a safari car, called “Kujenga”, meaning “to build” in Swahili.

The purpose of his project was to design a buggy that could be made in the developing world, using local skills and whatever materials they have to hand, such as bamboo, coconut rope, canvas, handwoven textiles and recycled plastic.

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That’s A Corker!

There’s a buzz around now about cork. Some of you may remember it from the 1970s; those infamous cork tiles, the office corkboard, those fabulously chunky cork wedges…

Photo: Original vintage 1970s cork wedges, via dead-rare-records, Ebay

…With today’s technology, cork is back and is being reinvented and reconfigured into incredibly diverse and creative designs – such as this handsome sculpted sink and positively plush bird house.

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