The Architecture Foundation Present
Exploration Architecture:
Designing With Nature


Exploration Architecture: Designing with Nature is the first-ever solo show of Exploration, a thought-leading architecture and design practice working in the field of biomimicry.

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Future Fabrics Virtual Expo

UPDATE: Future Fabrics Virtual Expo has now launched. See here.


The Sustainable Angle will soon be launching the Future Fabrics Virtual Expo to provide year-round online access to a curated range of sustainable fabrics and mills. It has been conceived to extend the lifespan of their successful 3rd Future Fabrics Expo, which took place in September 2013 at Olympia Exhibition Centre, London.

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More From The SustainRCA Show 2013

The SustainRCA Show & Awards is a celebration of sustainable design thinking at the Royal College of Art, London. See our previous article for the winners of the Awards… read on for the work of more students selected from programmes across the College – spanning four categories: Moving Minds, Solutions for Society, Inspired Products and Visionary Process.



Diana is focused on looking at waste as a resource, to empower small businesses and communities. The idea is to create an alternative service for waste collection in order to fuel a series of local waste labs, which would transform waste into functional products for public use. Local waste, local collection, local process, for local use.

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SustainRCA Show & Awards 2013

Part of the London Design Festival, and one of our absolute favourites of the year, SustainRCA Show & Awards, featuring a selection of some of the best work of Royal College of Art graduates. Projects propose an exciting vision of future living, while tackling a wide range of perspectives on the sustainability challenges we face today.


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2013 RSA Student Design
Award Winners

The RSA Student Design Awards is an annual scheme now in its 89th year, which issues briefs to young designers to demonstrate how design can solve 21st century problems. The eight briefs this year covered social challenges ranging from tackling water pollution and waste reduction to improving working environments and commuting.


The winning entries received a year’s RSA Fellowship, which provides the students with access to the RSA’s Catalyst Fund and Skills Bank to further develop their projects. Worth over £30,000 in prize monies, that comprise cash awards and work placements, the RSA Student Design Awards provide financial and practical assistance to student designers starting out in their careers.

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The Future Is Here:
A New Industrial Revolution

A new exhibition at the Design Museum seeks to demonstrate that the boundaries between designer, maker and consumer are disappearing. Collaboration with the Technology Strategy Board delivers a major new exhibition about the sweeping changes in manufacturing that are transforming our world. ‘Future is Here’ shows that how we manufacture, fund and distribute will revolutionise the role of the consumer.


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Day 1:
The Responsible Business Summit

Ethical Corporation’s annual Responsible Business Summit London, May 7-8, brought together global experts to share their experience and discuss the latest sustainability challenges faced in 2013. Talks were focused around how smart businesses can gain from being climate-conscious leaders, how to embed sustainability into company management and how to engage customers. Following are the highlights and insights from the sessions we joined on Day 1:

responsible business summit 2013


Greenpeace UK John Sauven – Executive Director
The Economist Daniel Franklin – Executive Editor
Janssen Pharmaceuticals Jane Griffiths – Company Group Chairman
RiiЯ Tom Vesey – Chief Executive Officer
London Business School Ioannis Ioannou – Assistant Professor of Strategy 

In this session the speakers were asked to consider what might society, governments and businesses working together be able to deliver for a greener sustainable recovery – and what are the challenges this idea throws up?


John Sauven (Greenpeace) talked about deforestation being the important issue; Jane Griffiths (Janssen) believes that, with an aging population, Alzheimers is one of the great focuses we have to have and that working with academic institutes will be important; Daniel Franklin (Economist) states collaborators must be clear what they are trying to achieve or problems may occur; and Tom Vesey (RiiЯ) says people should be thinking in the long-term, not just short-term.

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SustainRCA Talk On
Big Data & Our Digital Universe

The digital universe is set to grow to eight zettabytes by 2015, according to IBM (and just so you know, a zettabyte is approximately a million terabytes). We’re told the insights from this vast Big Data resource will drive new business models, products and services, and steer our future food, transport and energy systems. The intangibility of figures, however, means finding and communicating relevance and value is one of its greatest challenges.


As part of a series of talks to inspire students to embrace sustainability in their projects, SustainRCA invited three experts to discuss their work: Angela Morelli, Vin Sumner and Richard Gilbert are using data visualisation and gamification (which is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context) in order to solve problems and change the way we manufacture products, consume goods and supply energy.

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Home Pickings And
Our Top Drawer Favourites

On a recent visit to “Home” and “Top Drawer” 2013, at London’s Earls Court, we donned our trekking boots in search of the latest sustainable designs. Home is a design-led interior & home accessories industry show, which took place alongside Top Drawer, a showcase for over 700 British and international retail suppliers.

Here are some of our favourites from the shows:

At All Lovely Stuff loveliness is at the core of whatever they do. They have the ethos that if you really love something you’ll want to hold onto it, which is good for everyone. Each item has an element of character, or humour, which helps to build an emotional connection with the user.

all lovely stuff

flavoured doughnuts

These delicious flavoured doughnuts are made from beech and are iced in strawberry pink, chocolate brown and sugar white. Designed in conjunction with Michael Marriott.

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The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has been named as the thirteenth architect of the temporary Pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery. At 41 he is also the youngest to accept this prestigious invitation to design what is seen as one of the most anticipated structures in the cultural calendar.

Sou Fujimoto  © David Vintiner

Sou Fujimoto © David Vintiner

Fujimoto is one of an increasing number of architects who, inspired by our interaction with the built environment, connect nature with the man-made to create a unique meeting of the two.

The Pavilion in front of the Serpentine Gallery will be formed using a latticed structure of 20mm steel poles and will have a lightweight appearance. The delicate quality of the structure, enhanced by its semi-transparency, will create a geometric, cloud-like form, as if it were mist rising from the undulations of the park. From certain vantage points the Pavilion will appear to merge with the classical structure of the Gallery, with visitors suspended in space.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013  Designed by Sou Fujimoto  Exterior Indicative CGI  © Sou Fujimoto Architects

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 designed by Sou Fujimoto
Exterior Indicative CGI © Sou Fujimoto Architects

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