The Energy-Water-Food Nexus

The Royal Geographic Society, with IBG (Institute of British Geographers), hosted The Energy-Water-Food Stress Nexus, a continuation of their series of discussions of 21st Century Challenges.


21st Century Challenges aims to promote informed discussion of environmental, social, economic and educational issues that are of global interest and that affect our lives. The talk was held at the Society’s headquarters in South Kensington, London, 12 Dec 2012.


So, what’s a Nexus, you may ask? It simply means a connection, or series of connections, linking two or more things. The world’s energy, water and food systems are tightly interlinked – and the burning question is how will these vital resources cope in the coming decades, along with a growing and more prosperous global population? Take a look at the video below, by brewers SAB Miller, for a quick overview.

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Design Plays A Role
In Alaskan Research

Campsite on the glacier.

Masters student Austin Hanslip is promoting a new breed of designer. He’s arguing for it to be standard practice for designers to take supportive roles with scientists, at the forefront of critical issues. This intrepid designer, from the University of Brighton, collaborated with 50 climate change research scientists in Alaska.

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