Day 2:
The Responsible Business Summit

Ethical Corporation’s annual Responsible Business Summit London, May 7-8, brought together global experts to share their experience and discuss the latest sustainability challenges faced in 2013. Here’s more from that great gathering – the highlights from the sessions we joined on Day 2:


In this session we learned how companies are driving sustainability into product design.

Kimberly Clark Tom Berry

Kimberly-Clark Tom Berry – Head of Sustainability, EMEA

Kimberly-Clark make health and hygiene products, such as Kleenex, Andrex and Huggies. They operate in around 175 countries, so they have a big footprint. They essentially use wood fibre and oil to make products and, in their production, use a lot of energy and water. Also many of their products are disposable, so there’s a lot of waste associated with them.


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The Great Recovery:
Redesigning The Future

On Sept 17 we were lucky enough to attend the launch of “The Great Recovery: Redesigning the Future”, an exciting new venture, hosted and run by the RSA, London, in collaboration with the government’s Technology Strategies Board.

The project, which will run for 2 years, has been initiated due to the failings of our current linear model of industrial processes – “Take, Make, Dispose”, which deplete finite reserves to create products whose fate is, in the vast majority of cases, to end up in landfill or in incinerators.

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