London Design Festival 2013

Designersblock and Southbank Centre held their second joint venture for the London Design Festival 2013. Designersblock took place in an expanded series of spaces across Southbank Centre, with exhibitions, special events, workshops, activities, installations and projects from over 200 UK and international designers.

Here, from a host of exciting and innovative features, we’ve picked out our top favourite eco & sustainability projects:



POP:EYE create unexpected objects using recycled cardboard. Starting as an experimental project, they have effectively combined the use of recycled cardboard with unique technology in order to create a range of cutting edge eco spectacles.



With the exception of the screws, POP:EYE frames are made entirely out of cardboard. As well as being coated with a natural waterproof layer, they can be custom made for clients with the option of featuring logos, patterns and colours.


Stylish, practical and sustainably produced – these POP:EYE spectacles are one to look out for.

Camilla Barnard


London based illustrator and sculptor Camilla Barnard draws things and makes stuff. 3D illustration is how you might describe what she creates – uncanny objects and compositions, all of which have a drawn appearance.


At Designersblock Camilla constructed a workshop installation – ‘I’ve got wood, what do you want me to do with it?’ Above the showroom was a big spinning gameshow wheel, featuring lots of random objects. Camilla invited visitors to have a spin of the wheel and, whatever it landed on…a sponge, an egg, money… she made within the hour, from salvaged wood, and added it to the display.





Jessica Found It

Jessica Found It is a company formed as a social enterprise, working to improve the environment as well as offering creative opportunities to the community.  By up-cycling, Jessica Found It aims to add value to salvaged objects by transforming them into quirky and practical products.


As well as raising awareness of waste and environmental issues, Jesscia Found It re-invests a percentage of the profits into a local recycling scheme and uses the rest to enable the company to deliver creative workshops for disadvantage groups in the community.


Hannah Ellicott

Hannah Ellicott is a textile designer specialising in contemporary print. Her work is inspired by concepts of engineering, innovation based materials and a strong desire to push traditional textile practices to new boundaries. So much so that she’s now translating her designs onto repurposed aeroplane parts.



Mikael Metthey / Susana Soares – Pathogen Hunters

As part of a project by Newcastle University, Mikael and Susana were interested in exploring the future of human diseases. Human beings’ evolutionary process has been, and will be, shaped by infectious organisms. Humans are susceptible to more varieties of infection than any other organism due to our cell complexity. Infectious organism have undoubtedly major consequences and implications on our society.


In the future, rapid detection of infectious organisms will change society’s perceptions of health. Will this boost public confidence, or will we become a nation of hypochondriacs? Mikael and Susana proposed a scenario.


Within the proposal, surveillance personnel – Pathogen Hunters – would be specially trained with specific tools to manage infectious outbreaks. A designed system would help them to map the city and collect information about the types of microbes present in public spaces. Take a look at the speculative documentary below – it explores hypothetic views on the future of disease monitoring and control.


Walter Raes of Walterworks takes disposable remnants of our everyday lives & creates brilliant pieces which are explorations in form & function. Here he gives us a very good reason to hang onto those iconic glass Coca-Cola bottles.