Inside The Willow Sandworm:
An Environmental Installation

Sandworm, by Finnish environmental artist and architect Marco Casagrande, is an organic structure and space built on the dunes of the Wenduine coastline, Belgium.  From the early stages of his career Casagrande started to mix architecture with other disciplines of art and science.  He has completed a series of ecologically conscious architectural installations around the world, of which this is the latest.


The 45 metres long installation combines architecture and environmental art and is constructed entirely out of willow, following the local knowledge of working with sand and willow.


Casagrande worked hard with his team of young architects and local experts for 4 weeks in order to create something that he describes as “weak architecture” – a human made structure that wants to become part of nature.


Sandworm is described as a willow cathedral, finely tuned to celebrate the site specific conditions of the Wenduine tidal beaches. The space is used for picnics, relaxation and meditation.


A visitor stated: “Inside the sandworm you are greeted by a natural spectacle of light and shadow. I was amazed at how you can create such beauty with such simple natural materials.”


Casagrande graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology Department of Architecture in 2001.  He has been teaching in numerous universities since year 2000 and currently runs an independent cross-disciplinary research centre Ruin Academy in Taipei, in cooperation with the Aalto University’s SGT Sustainable Global Technologies Centre.



Location: Wenduine, Belgium
Measures: 45 m long, 10 m wide, 10 m high
Photos by Nikita Wu