Ilsa Parry Wants Designers
To REthinkthings

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Ilsa Parry, a Liverpool based product designer, creativity consultant and founder of REthinkthings.

You may well recognise Ilsa as creator of the famous ‘Flo Stick’ – the winning product on BBC’s ‘Design for Life’ with Philippe Starck. Flo was recently launched at The Naidex Exhibition in Birmingham.

As an avid promoter of sustainability and un-blinkered thinking, she encourages designers to always produce concepts that push the boundaries of what exists. Through her company, she partners with designers and has configured a workshop community, providing workstations and backing for like-minded creatives.

This approach provides collaborative support and the sharing of ideas, which helps designers explore the boundaries of what’s possible and ensures only the best products are produced and licensed by the brand.

The Bygone Clock Range, designed by Ilsa and Stephen Rimmer, is handmade by Stephen from reclaimed wood. The beautiful, tactile surface is created through scorching, oiling and polishing.

Chunky, quirky Earthomes Breadboards, by Joe Earley, are hand crafted from reclaimed oak and finished in vegetable oil.

Shadow Coasters by Bettina Nissen are made from 100% natural wool felt, by a British company. The dyes used during the colouring process are also environmentally friendly.

NINE2FIVE.0.Clock, by JollySmith, is designed to be durable, long lasting and fully recyclable at the end of its life. Plus, it’s packaged for delivery in recycled card.

Sworth, a lighting range by Ilsa Parry and Tom Sutton, is made from waste aluminium, a by-product of engineering lathes use in the Liverpool shipping yards. Safe to touch and manipulate, it casts fantastic wall shadows. Winner of the Chamber of Commerce Environmental Arts Competition and selected for Linda Barker’s Eco Show Home at the Ideal Homes Show 2011.

By questioning everyday objects and their functionality REthinkthings offer more sustainable, advantageous and enjoyable ‘tools for living’. Their clients are diverse, they work with students and businesses of all sizes and, in just over a year, they have successfully teamed with UK manufacturers and over 25 retailers to bring their designs to market.