About Us

Hello. . . we’re Designsonearth, a team of strategists and designers who want to get more people thinking about global issues from a design background. Designers and creatives are in the best position to make the sorts of decisions that lead to positive change, but it’s one thing to aspire to sustainable design, it’s another to know how to go about it.

We’re all becoming more aware of destructive environmental issues, such as the depletion of finite resources, the rapid urbanisation of our communities and the effects of global warming. We also face challenging social and health concerns. Sustainability is a confusing and contradictory subject and there are many conflicting opinions, so how do we begin to get involved? The best we can do is to become informed.

Designsonearth are in the process of building an online resource. This will take us a while to get together, but stay in touch to catch up on our news features. We’ll be updating regularly, keeping you informed on the latest and showcasing great solutions that are shaping our future. Look out for us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook too, for more daily news and design inspiration.

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Resource for Sustainability